Talk about a major malfunction. When Katrina Bookman walked into the Resorts World Casino in Queens, there’s no doubt that she was excited about what possibilities the evening could hold.

In her wildest dreams, she probably couldn’t have guessed what would unfold. Pandemonium broke out when Bookman finally hit on the slots. The number was so shocking that even the casino’s old-timers were having a field day.

It read: $42,949,672.76. Bookman was so excited that she took a selfie in front of the machine, and the entire place celebrated with her. When thinking about all the bills she could pay off with her winnings, she was absolutely thrilled.

Until the next day,that is. When Bookman returned to the casino to talk about collecting her winnings, she was met with casino personnel who informed her that the slot machine had malfunctioned, which meant that all bets were void.

They informed her that the maximum one could win on the machine was $6,500, and she hadn’t even won that. In return for her trouble, they offered her a steak dinner.

Well, Bookman is not happy about this turn of events, to say the very least. She has stated that she plans to sue the casino for the $6,500 she feels they owe her.

It should be interesting to see what a judge will make of all this.