Most fishermen dream of reeling in a big catch one day.

They want a great story to tell the grandchildren, a photo of themselves holding a big fish and bragging rights from all of their friends.

Fisher Mark Quartiano’s latest haul has got him a lot of attention from the news, but he probably won’t be telling his grandkids this story. He and a few friends were fishing off the Miami coast. Usually, they try to catch a few small fish then use them as bait to lure over sharks.

This practice got Quartiano the nickname “The Shark” and some minor celebrity in the area. The last thing he found is going to get him a lot more recognition nationally as pictures of his high-value catch are going viral.

Quartiano didn’t expect to see a large package in his nets when he looked down, and he definitely wasn’t anticipating finding a kilogram of cocaine.

The package had barnacles on it, leading The Shark to suspect it had been out in the water for a long time. He called the Coast Guard and turned in the drugs as soon as he made it back to land.

Quartiano has also found barrels of marijuana floating in the water before. There’s no word on whether or not he received a reward for his good dead of turning in the thousands of dollars of illegal drugs.