Kari Anthony went to work at her restaurant like it was any other day. A bartender at Quaker Steak and Lube in Grand Island, Nebraska, Kari routinely interacted with a variety of people ranging from truck drivers to local residents. Like most bartenders, she began a conversation with a nice truck driver at the bar. They initially exchanged small talk but eventually he noticed her distinct Southern accent. And after a few minutes, her luck quickly changed.

At one point, the two connected and started sharing information about their personal lives. Kari talked a great deal about her three children and he talked about his own family. After dinner, she brought him a check for $89.72. She fully expected him to tip her the usual amount received by others. She normally expected a tip that ranged anywhere from two to five dollars. However, she was very surprised to find a $1000 included on the tip line of the credit card receipt. Since the man had already exited the restaurant, she went in the back to tell her manager the good news.

The manager then wanted to make sure the truck driver did not make an error and immediately found him in the parking lot. The truck driver confirmed that he had intentionally left the $1000 for the waitress. He wanted her to share the gift with her three children. Kari felt incredibly blessed. She could finally take her children to the Nebraska State Fair, something they had always wanted to do.