There is a religious video that is going viral.

It references the founding fathers, the constitution and morals. The producer of the video stated that 52 out of the 55 founding fathers were actively involved in the church.

Noah Webster, who was one of the founding fathers, quoted the Bible. James Madison, who was another founding father, stated that Americans should be able to follow the Ten Commandments with all of their heart.

George Washington stated something profound in his farewell speech. He stated that we cannot have a moral society without religion. This is evident today.

Public schools have become war zones because many children are bringing guns to school. In the 1940s and 1950s, the worst thing that the many educators had to deal with was kids chewing gum in school.

Ever since America became less religious, teen pregnancy, divorce, drug use, illiteracy and crime have become more common.

In fact, America is ranked number one in these things.

The person in the video concludes by saying “We Want God in America Again.” The person also states that instead of handing out condoms in school, we need to handing out Bibles.

They also stated that people should not look to astrology for the answers. They should look to God.