Most people are trying to find creative ways to save money. They are also trying to find ways to protect the environment. You can save money and protect the environment by using onion skins.

They may seem like a useless part of the onion, but they can be used for a lot of other things. You can use onion skins for egg dye. The only thing that you will have to do is place the skins directly on the egg, wrap them in the egg and boil them.

You can also use the onion skins in your baking recipe. The onion skins will make your baked good taste great. If you love soup, then you can use onion skins as a soup stock.

You can use onion skins to treat leg cramps that are caused by intense exercise. You will need to mix four cups of water with three ounces of onion skins. You will then to strain the onion skins and drink the tea.

You can even use onion skins to give your hair a copper tone. You will need to boil a handful of onions in the water. After that, you will need to let the onions cook for five more minutes in the water.

Allow the water to cool and then strain the remnants out you. You will need to wash your hair and then apply the mixture to your hair. Allow it to sit for a few minutes and then rinse.