The image of a child and a police officer laying down side by side on the ground isn’t something you see very often.
The initial reaction to such a sight might be confusion or concern.

In the case of a recent incident at an Indianapolis school, though, the only possible reaction is a feeling of heartwarming positivity, gratitude, and compassion. A little boy at Indianapolis Public School 88 was having a rough day. It was the kind of day where the only option is to just lay down on the ground and cry.

It may not be something adults do very often, but it is certainly something every adult can relate to wanting or needing to do. When Sgt. Precious Cornner-Jones saw this overwhelmed and defeated child on the ground, she recognized the feeling and decided to get down on his level to offer some comfort.

On her Facebook page, she shared an image of the two of them on the floor and wrote that “children are entitled to bad days” and reminded adults that we feel this way all too often ourselves.

She suggested that we all follow her example and “Get on someone’s level today and make them smile!” She concluded with a reminder that by sharing peace and love, we can bring hope to one another.

The little boy surely felt a renewed sense of hope after his time on the floor with Cornner-Jones. Her outpouring of peace and love came right when he needed it most.