When police officers are called out for a domestic disturbance, they normally expect the worst. When four police in Italy got a call that people were hearing crying from the home of an elderly couple, they were naturally concerned.

When they arrived at the apartment, they were relieved to find out that no one was hurt or injured. However, the police officers still decided they needed to help out the elderly couple.

The elderly couple explained that they did not mean to be loud, but that they could not help crying. 84 year old Jole and 94 year old Michele lived all alone, with no friends or family to ever visit them.

As they were watching the news, the lonely couple broke down and started to commiserate with each other about the loneliness. This was the crying that had caused the police to go check up on the husband and wife.


The officers did what they could to help out the lonely seniors. Since Michele and Jole had difficulty moving around, they were both hungry. The police officers decided to fix them a very Italian meal of spaghetti topped with cheese. While cooking and eating the meal, the officers chatted with the couple and reassured them that they were not alone. Though they may not have family in the area, Michele and Jole made four new friends today.