The year 2016 was particularly challenging for American law enforcement officers and the communities they are sworn to protect.

Shootings of unarmed suspects, bigotry, corruption, and disorder in police departments across the United States shocked the nation throughout the year. For this reason, it is refreshing to learn about how officers from Charles County in Maryland responded to missing person report.

An 81-year old woman named Roberta decided to take a stroll through a wooded area near her home. It was a perfect day to enjoy the Maryland countryside; the sun was shining and a pleasant breeze was blowing.

Roberta suffers from senile dementia; when she failed to return home from her walk, her daughter became concerned and dialed 911.

A team of officers was assembled along with a K-9 handler; they were confident that they would find her, which is what happened more than 30 minutes later.As the officers approached Roberta, she asked them if they also were out for a walk.

Instead of informing this senior citizen that they were looking for her, they responded that yes, they were indeed strolling out in nature because it was a nice day.

Roberta immediately softened and mentioned that she had problems finding her way back home.

The officers told her that they would help her since her house was on their way back to the station.

One officer took Roberta’s hand and made small talk all the way to her house. Mission accomplished with lots of tact and kindness.