Claiming the title of a pageant, especially when competing against an entire country of individuals, is a praised feat. Sabina Kontor became Miss Polina in 2015. This strive for excellence was something that was instilled within Kontor at a young age. Sabina grew up in a smaller home without many riches to speak of. Home for Sabina was Warsaw, Poland. This region continues to mark her place of residence, creating something from nothing in terms of establishing her namesake. Sabina became interested in pageantry at a young age. Her family would take her to shows and would help her perfect her crafts and her skill sets. As a teen, she would take these teachings upon her own shoulders, enlisting in dance classes, applying herself to many after school activities, and ensuring her behaviors were modeled in a positive sense. Shaping herself into a woman helped her claim the title of Miss Poland in 2015. She achieved the feat at only 24 years of age, marking her as one of the youngest pageant winners ever within the bracket of competitors. Now at 28 she is still crushing it on instagram!

After winning the competition, her name became known across her country. Modeling and beauty agencies came calling for her to work for them. She applied herself to many of these opportunities, ingesting a steady diet of work over the past few years. She has been involved with a few different supplement companies, some of the top Polish modeling agencies, and a few one-off brands. These levels of involvement have collectively planted her as a star in her country. Most of her success is paired with her drive as she remains focused and invested in all of the work opportunities that she is gifted.

On Instagram, Sabina has a little over 250,000 followers. This social media platform is utilized by Sabina to keep tabs on her fans and to interact with them when given the opportunity. Most of her modeling posts are tailored to a tame environment, modeling the classic businesswoman look or adapting to seasonal trends within the clothing industry. Sabina credits most of her fashion sense to the associates and friends she has acquired during her modeling stints. Most of the designers that work with Sabina pull from her fashion sense and apply her ideas to their productions.

Sabina is very fashion-forward, ensuring that she is adapting to the latest fashion trends and not missing out on any of the latest releases. This sense of attention allows her the ability to forward her interests throughout her fan base. She spreads her knowledge and will never shy away from a question that someone is to ask her. She is very detail-oriented and very involved in her local community. She has applied her celebrity to many different organizations in support of charities, donations, and other such assistance systems. There is nothing but positive words that surround her namesake and she has built a credible reputation with all of the sources that she interacts with. Her fans love her laid-back attitude and her personable tone that can be recognized whenever she is communicated with.