A snowstorm blew through the state of Ohio recently as Troy Brown was on his way home. Along the way back to his house Troy Brown came across another vehicle that happened to be sitting on the side of the road and seemed to be stuck in the snow.

As he approached the vehicle he was at first considering helping the person that was stuck. Once he got close enough to read the sticker that was on the vehicle he changed his mind. He did not like what the sticker said and decided it would be better for him not to help the lady that was stuck. The sticker was a trump sticker in support of our country’s current president. Whenever Troy Brown was asked as to why that sticker changed his mind he responded that he does not support the same type of people that trump does but instead believes in peace and harmony. The response to Troy Brown has been mixed with some people praising him while others have been condemning him for his actions. Troy Brown is not the only individual in recent months that has made a decision in his personal life based on their own political thoughts.

In the month of May, Ken Shupe, there was a tow truck driver who happened to refuse help for an individual that called for a tow truck. The person that needed help was a Bernie Sanders supporter that was hit in a car crash. The tow truck driver made the decision to refuse help for that person as they arrived on the scene. Whenever he was questioned as to why he decided not to help them he stated that every time he has ever gone and given a tow truck driver to anyone who was a socialist that he did not end up getting paid. He said that once he arrived on the scene and realized who he was there to help he felt the spirit of God tell him to get back inside of his truck and leave. The response from the public for his actions has also been rather mixed. Many people have responded that you do not need to agree with one another politically to be kind to each other. Other people have been surprisingly supportive of the decision.

Troy Brown has gone on to post an update as to the status of his recent decision and the backlash from it. He stated that he has received a ton of comments from people who both love and hate the current president. He said that he does not care what anyone who supports the current president believes because they do not actually follow the values that they say they believe in.

He currently is looking to find more ways to help out other people. He believes that today our society is so polarized it is important for us to get past all of the political nonsense and remember what is really important in the world. The real important things are love and harmony. We need to work together to provide for each other instead of tearing each other down and trying to cause conflict between different groups of people in our country.