When you think that it’s alright to swim in the ocean, it seem like there is always something that comes along to make you fear the water.

Scientists recently discovered a two-headed shark. The sawtail catshark is native to the Mediterranean, but that doesn’t give swimmers any kind of relief when it comes to making the decision of whether to get in the ocean or not.

The scientists who discovered the shark are from Spain.

They noticed that the shark is developing in a species that lays eggs. This has given the scientists cause for concern as the shark could be able to survive once the eggs are laid.

Fortunately for some, the shark has only been seen in certain areas of the world and is a threatened species.

This means that the shark is not likely to live much longer in large numbers. However, it is a sight to see for those who are lucky enough to be able to view the animal.

The shark that was discovered had two heads as well as two mouths, two brains and two sets of eyes.

The shark is essentially two animals in one that share one body. It’s a rare condition in the animal world that has taken the science world by storm.