Thirty-year-old Kina Tavary who is known to her 182,000 Instagram followers as Kina Tavarozi has been arrested in New York City. Papers filed in a New York Court allege that Tavary went after her 30-year-old boyfriend Freddy Figueroa. Tavary and Figueroa have an 8-month-old son together named Koa. Kina Tavary faces charges of a misdemeanor, aggravated harassment, and harassment. Within a half-hour of receiving a report of the incident, police had taken Tavary into custody. During her arraignment, the judge did not levy any bail releasing Tavary on her own recognizance. The court forbade Tavary and Figueroa to have any contact with each other. Neither Tavary or Figueroa requested a restraining order or order of protection.

The highly regarded civil rights attorney Earl Ward has been retained by Tavary. According to Ward under the law, his client’s alleged actions do not rise to the level of even a misdemeanor. Under New York State law a misdemeanor or third-degree occurs when someone recklessly or intentionally causes injury to another person. If the charge is dismissed Tavary can still be tried on the harassment and aggravated harassment charges. Tavary could receive a year in jail if convicted. As this is a first offense she will likely receive 3 years probation if convicted. Ward did not elaborate on the motive behind the alleged incident. As of this writing, the cause of the altercation remains unknown. Ward predicts that the case will be dismissed quickly. Tavary will next appear in court on July 25, 2019. The alleged incident occurred at 2 a.m June 14, 2019, at the corner of Madison Avenue and East 29th Street in New York City. Tavary, Figueroa, and Koa all hail from Las Vegas and were vacationing in New York. Tavary took multiple swipes at Figueroa. How many blows she landed is unknown. One unnamed source claims that Tavary kept striking Figueroa until the police arrived. An account of Figueroa’s injuries has him bruised and swollen after the alleged incident. One source has described the fracas between Tavary and Figueroa as nothing more than a “scuffle”.

An Instagram model Tavary is a self-described “blond bombshell with a brain”. Tavary further describes herself as a make-up artist and Las Vegas socialite. A native of Montana Tavary used to compete in equestrian events. As a model Tavary had once represented the Light nightclub and the Hakkasan nightclub. In April 2019 Tavary appeared on the cover of the fashion issue of “Show Horse Today” magazine. Tavary has also done promotional work for magazine creator Hugh Hefner. Figueroa is a professional DJ who works under the name Freddy Figs. On Mothers’ Day 2019 Figueroa authored an Instagram post praising Tavary’s skills as a mother. The posting spoke of the sacrifices that Tavary makes on behalf of Koa. Figueroa went on to declare that Tavary had been the “best” mother to their son. He ended the post by expressing joy that he and Koa would be spending Mothers’ Day with Tavary.

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