Many know of Lori Loughlin for her role as Aunt Rebecca on the hit sitcom “Full House” and, today, many are talking about her because of the huge scandal in which she was recently involved. She found herself caught up in a college admission scandal that not only tarnished her name, but drastically affected her high-status career in Hollywood. Particularly with the Hallmark Channel because she was considered one of their top-ranked actresses. Now, she has caused quite a stir because of the allegations of bribery at a prestigious college were brought against her and her husband. She was subsequently dropped from the channel altogether, and Hallmark viewers immediately began awaiting the announcement of her replacement. It was crucial to the Hallmark Channel that Loughlin’s replacement is one that is well-loved because she had such a high-profile on the network. Therefore, it was only right they choose Alison Sweeney to step in.

Throughout her long years in Hollywood, Alison Sweeny has maintained a squeaky clean reputation since entering the industry at just four years old. She is best known for her role as Sami on “Days of Our Lives” and is more than familiarized with Hollywood’s practices and potential dark side. She found herself faced with a few of these obstacles during her tenure on the show, but despite it all, her genuine character prevailed. Alison Sweeney opened up about some of these issues at the Hallmark Movies and Mysteries Summer 2019.

Sweeney engaged in a few battles with bosses and other prodigious Hollywood players when she refused to succumb to the pressures placed on her to change how she was seen in the industry. She explained how stressful it was to stay true to herself and how grateful she is to have such supportive parents to help her. Being born in Los Angeles has made it easy for her to navigate the landscape independently, but when it comes to navigating such a nasty industry, Alison Sweeney is glad to have such great parents. She credits them for her knowledge of the industry as well as her overall integrity, which she works hard to maintain in a market that works so hard to taint young girls.

She says that her parents were strict, but very caring and her brothers were also supportive of her career. Alison Sweeney believes this is why she never fell into normalized Hollywood traps like drugs and sex scandals. She was careful not to marginalize herself, while maintaining an untarnished career and her own personal value. Several people had the expectation that Sweeney would be replacing Lori Loughlin because of her history with the Hallmark Channel as a child star. Not only is she a known actress on the network, but she also has a similar cheery demeanor and timeless look to Lori Loughlin, so she would be easily received by viewers. Her personality is positive and vibrant, which makes her the perfect candidate and the support behind her potentially replacing Loughlin is continuously growing.

Viewers also believe that this opportunity would be great for Alison Sweeney because she would get the same perks as Lori Loughlin did. She would be the highest paid and first choice in Hallmark movie castings, which would greatly aid her career. Alison Sweeney would see immense growth in her career as a result of this major move, and she has the viewers’ full support.