We have learned from scientific research that when a part of our body is effected by something it can ultimately affect the other parts. It is possible for one area that has a bad infection can move to another location unbeknownst to us at all. It’s important to understand that what we take in through our mouths has a serious relation to our heart and can end up to our hand. When we experience an infection on the lining of our heart chambers and the valves inside of our hearts this is called Endocarditis. This occurs when bacteria, germs or even fungi from one part of our bodies moves to another through our bloodstreams and parks itself on to our heart. This bacteria or the germs cause the infection that can ultimately harm the heart. This actually happened to a 27 year old man in Canada.

It all happened when he started experiencing that his stomach was giving him intense pain, then he had night sweats, no appetite and a fever. After looking at his hand, he noticed a very painful aneurysm in his palm. This absolutely confused his doctors because of his very young age. However, it didn’t take long to understand exactly what was happening, so they asked him about his past week events. They began to run a few tests. His blood samples came back positive and showed a clear sign of streptococcus salivarius. It’s a common mouth bacteria that can lie around without you even knowing it. His condition worsen when they found his spleen and kidney had dead tissue. The problem grew when his heart was infected with a huge mass sitting on his heart’s aortic valve. It happened from a regular office visit to the dentist. He contracted some bacteria in his bloodstream that flowed throughout the rest of his body. It moved fast to infect his kidneys, heart, spleen and even his hand’s blood vessels. The bloodstream was making the bacteria transfer quite quickly through his body and creating unbelievable havoc. The doctors had determined it a serious condition and were well equipped to handle the situation.

They immediately began the young 27 year old on antibiotics that eventually cleared the infection within the man’s entire body. However, the bacteria still remained and it did not help his heart at all. They had to make the quick decision to conduct major surgery on the young man to get inside an work on his heart valve for immediate repairing. The valve is known to be the main one that controls our blood flowing to the main artery of our bodies. This was a very serious surgery to help this particular heart problem. It’s rather interesting to discover how connected our body really is to its other parts. Many do not realize this at all. A simple innocent trip to the dentist gave a young man a list of problems and emergency heart surgery to repair a main valve. Some times its just the little stuff we do on a daily basis that triggers a health problem. It’s important to understand, we have powerful strong bodies, but it can also be quite sensitive to other activities. This is a good lesson on learning to pay attention to our bodies and how exactly we treat it.