Samuel Bardwell is a 20-year-old college athlete who deals with serious stress and anxiety and post-traumatic distress order. He takes the medicine Klonopin for his problem.

“He was on medication for his anxiety but was off his meds for two days because he couldn’t get to the pharmacy before it closed,” his father, Donald Bardwell, told The Mercury News.

His condition became so severe that he fell down in the middle of a basketball class on his first day of summer season basketball course after suffering an anxiety attack.

He was rushed to El Maino Health Center in Los Gatos, California by the paramedics after he fell down.

“He wasn’t looking too good,” his coach, Scott Eitelgeorge, said. “It looked like he was having a pretty severe anxiety attack. Sam played for maybe five minutes before he had to step out. He collapsed on the grass outside the weight room. When we went outside he tried to get up but fell back down.”

His papa rush to meet him at the health center. They assumed that they would certainly receive expert clinical attention at the health center however they were shocked when the opposite happened.

They really did not expect to be bugged and embarrassed by the health center’s physician, Dr. Beth Keegstra.

Now that the doctor has actually been suspended after her treatment of Bardwell was captured on video. First, they made him wait for a ridiculous amount of time while the medical professional was allegedly laughing as well as speaking with her co-workers. Then Bardwell says they were disrespectful to him, physically violent, as well as declining to provide him anxiety medicine.

“They treated us like we were there just to get drugs,” Donald Bardwell said. “We were there for four hours and the doctor finally came in with a security guard. She didn’t even say hello or ask why he was there, just came in with guns blazing. That’s why I started the video.”

Bardwell was perplexed concerning why they generated a guard and also treated him so terribly.

“I did nothing wrong. I did not raise my voice, I was not aggressive. I didn’t have the intent or the ability to even be aggressive,” he said. “I have no other words for it. I’m just so confused of why somebody would treat me like that. Without being aggressive, without me being hostile. You know, they were the ones being hostile from the beginning. They were the ones being confrontational from the beginning. I couldn’t. I was numb head to toe.”

“I’m sorry sir, you are the least sick of all the people who are here who are dying,” Keegstra can be heard saying. “He can’t inhale. Wow! You must be dead. Are you dead, sir? I don’t understand. You are breathing just fine.”

She after that is seen being aggressive and angrily pulling his arm and also tells him that he’s “loaded with shit.” Luckily, there was one registered nurse who was nice enough to medication test to verify there were no drugs in his system so they ended up treating him providing him liquids, supplements and also discomfort drug.

“They did not give him Klonopin,” Donald Bardwell said. “All he needed was a pill or two until he could get his prescription.”

Because of this, Keegstra was eliminated from the health center’s schedule.

The medical facility also said they called their service provider, Vituity, that uses Keegstra so they can remove her from their checklist of approved emergency clinic medical professionals.

“We take this matter very seriously and the contracted physician has been removed from the work schedule pending further investigation,” El Camino Hospital CEO Dan Woods said in a statement, according toKMOV.

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