Finding inspiration at an early age is something that doesn’t come easy, nor naturally. Most of us take a little push to get started with what we want to prescribe as our career goals. For Lyna Perez, a similar story comes to mind. She started doing small photoshoots at the age of 14. Nothing more than casual play with a camera and a friend, this activity was more a hobby than it was something that would become her way of life. She applied herself at minimal levels in the industry until she reached the age of 18. She was working with a friend on a project for a class. The project was to apply your photography skills to a certain area of expertise or interest. Revisiting the camera and the photo sessions helped light the way for her future progressions. On a whim dealt to her via a classmate working on a photography project, Lyna would take up modeling full-time. She found her inspiration through the simplicity and the warm feeling that posing brought her. Re-visiting this portion of her early teen years would be all she needed to set sail on career aspirations.

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From the get go, Lyna was being featured in major publications with top agents. There were plenty of sources that wanted to work with Lyna given her unique makeup and her personality traits. She had all the people skills she needed by the time she started modeling full-time. Taking this premise on a whim worked heavily in her favor because she had nothing to lose. If it didn’t work out, she would return to the drawing board; no harm, no foul. Her success took off at a pace that was too rapid to keep up with. Enlisting for passports for international traveling gigs, covering the magazines that she read as a child, and inspiring through visual appeal were three areas Lyna never saw her success relying within.

Lyna remains grounded given her intuitive successes. She understands that this chance offering was something that could have been there for the taking. She seized her opportunity without placing too much into objectives or future involvement. The ship set sail on her career and the dominoes fell at the correct angles. She takes each day as a dream because she still cannot believe all of her success stemmed from a brief thought. She now spends time teaches others to not ignore their gut feelings or intuitions. Following her heart and an idea is what brought her a w\healthy income that would set her up for life. Following a small thought led to a huge expansion. With her progress in the world of bikini modeling, she says she gets to wear a swimsuit almost everyday of her life. Leading a relaxing and healthy life is something that she has come to love and enjoy. She says she won’t end her pursuits after tasting these successes because an idea could spark her at any moment. Keeping her options open for the next opportunity is her version of full speed ahead.