Lewis Shaw is a construction worker in Caversham, England. He recently found something interesting when he was working in a fireplace. He found a letter that a boy wrote to Santa over 50 years ago. The Christmas letter stated, “Dear Father Christmas, please send me Rupert Annual and a drum, Indians, soldier, pencil box, slippers, toy box and any little toys you can spare.”


Lewis found out the history of the house and the people who lived in it. He concluded that the letter had to be written over 50 years ago. Lewis was really surprised at home simple the child’s Christmas list was. He stated that the child wanted things he really needed. Lewis also stated that it is rare to find people today who are as humble as the boy was.

Lewis posted a picture of the boy’s Christmas list on Facebook. He managed to get in touch with David, who is the boy who wrote the letter. Lewis is planning to meet David in person. He is going to present David with everything that was on the Christmas list. Lewis also wants to make sure that David gets the letter he wrote when he was a little boy.