Finding brand representatives is usually carried through a search for someone who markets the goods as aesthetically pleasing. Jade Marie is often mistaken for accounts sharing the same name, but her namesake goes far beyond a title. Jade has been working for companies surrounding casual wear, nightlife wear, and other such clothing lines. Her modeling career has been shifted thanks to her partnership with relevant companies, adding to her incredible profile.

One of the first companies that Jade paired with was Ryder Wear. The company specializes in athletic wear and stylish leggings for outdoor environments. Jade models clothing lines and the latest trends for the company, adding byline content to her Instagram intrigue. Jade has accumulated over 450,000 fans thanks to this career start-up, leading to new opportunities with other companies.

She pairs her creative perspectives with the skin-care company, hideAWAY. This company utilizes proprietary materials and additives to keep their products within the realm of all-natural skin-care options. Jade has worked her business savvy by adding design ideas and product lines to boost the company’s overall potential. Pairing her namesake with skin-care companies is the second facet in her long work history.

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Jane is also a proud mother. The care she showcases for her child proves that she is willing to do whatever it takes to formulate a healthy lifestyle for her little one. Jane also adapts a vegan diet in her daily life. The promotion of these diet plans has led to partnerships with supplement companies and healthy eating alternatives. Branding her name alongside these production companies has led to a fitness and health outlet that she can lean on for additional spotlighting.

Her beauty products are a small staple of her recent efforts. She has been working with procurement teams and professionals to develop natural products that are safe for all skin types. This business venture is something that is new for Jade, but the continued progressions of this addition have helped her work toward claiming entrepreneurial successes within the beauty industry.

Above all, Jane remains faithful and telling to her fans. She interacts with them via Instagram streams and posts. Most of her posts are modeling shots taken from around the world, peering into her life as a traveled model. Her Instagram stories often involve rapid-fire question responses, giving users a chance to interact with her likeness and pick her brain for content. She has always stuck to the pathway that got her to where she resides, today. Her passion for industry and advancement keeps her moving. She continues to pair her work with the likeness of other providers, creating a dual-purpose partnership that will withstand the test of time.

In her free time, Jade loves to explore different recipes. Cooking represents a release where she can invest in her physical health and nutritional values. She also spends her downtime playing with her little one and ensuring that she receives all of the love and care she is entitled to. She isn’t just a ‘Plain Jane’, rather, she continues to work harder than her counterparts to ensure a well-rounded livelihood.