Today, our story has a beautiful meaning about life and being thankful for all the gifts we have been blessed with, and amazed at how scientific advances can help all of us. Consider for a moment, Stargardt’s disease.


It’s a serious eye condition in which the retina is affected; central vision goes blurry and challenges arise when trying to see facial features, reading anything, etc.

Gene Purdie is living with Stargardt’s disease, and for most of his lifetime now, has never been able to see his wife’s beautiful face or the adorable little nose of his son Lincoln.

The Denver, Colorado man had accepted his diagnosis, which took doctors several years to figure out. Yet, he had accepted there was little that could be done to reverse the disease, and he lives life to the fullest each day. He even enjoys cooking, although it’s extremely difficult reading recipes.

One day, Mrs. Joy Purdie caught an episode of “Rachel Ray” and saw that a woman with Stargardt’s disease was able to now see her family, after putting on a special pair of e-Sight glasses. She wrote Rachel Ray a letter about her husband Gene.
Rachel Ray graciously brought the Purdies on her show and equipped Gene Purdie with the same spectacular glasses. His first thoughts after he put on the glasses and looked at Joy were, “Oh, she’s so pretty.” e-Sight gifted Gene Purdie with his own $15,000 pair of special glasses.

Check out the heart-warming moment on YouTube.