If laughter is contagious, we are definitely looking at a pandemic with this baby’s giggles! Sounding like a cross between a baby goat and a super villain, the only thing missing is the devious hand rubbing. While listening to her laugh, mothers all over the world are casting side-long glances at their own kids, just to be sure! You can not help but wonder what she is up to. Clearly, she knows something we don’t!

Obviously a happy child, it is easy to envision people everywhere she goes tickling her just to hear that giggle. Perhaps the funniest aspect is that this was not just a fluke; this is her normal, everyday laugh. It is impossible to imagine ever being in a foul mood with this delightful laugh filling your life every day.

It is said that laughter is the best medicine. With that being the case, you owe it to yourself to watch this little girl again and again! Joy can be found anywhere and happily for us, she finds it where ever she goes, spreading it to all that hear her. Now if we could just equip her with a white cat, evil villains everywhere will be shaking in their boots!