Mega singer Adele has returned with her latest album and hit single “Hello” to massive reception and acclaim. It was once impossible to turn on the radio without hearing “Rolling in the Deep”, and now the same can be said for the singer’s latest track. However, Adele has recently lost the number one spot on the charts with the release of a track many wouldn’t suspect: a Christian hymn.

The Voice winner Jordan Smith has released a Christmas track that has listeners embracing the spirit of the season and has sent his sales soaring to the top of the iTunes charts. Smith has recorded his own rendition of the classic Christian hymn “Great is Thy Faithfulness” and kept Adele’s hit out of the top spot for two straight weeks before he managed to top his own song with another holiday release, “Hallelujah”.
The night before Jordan was announced as the season nine winner of the wildly popular singing competition series, he wowed his fans again with another Christian song, “Mary, Did You Know.”

The 22-year-old is the first “The Voice” contestant to ever reach the iTunes Top 10 chart each of the five weeks of performances, and his open dedication to his faith and beautiful voice has left family, friends and fans alike proud and basking in the glory of the season and its true meaning.