Visual tests are becoming quite popular online nowadays. The visual test currently going viral is a large grid of Os. To be exact, this test consists of 18 rows and 26 columns of Os. However, as you could probably guess by now, there is one symbol that doesnít fit in with the rest. The one letter you will need to search for on this cart is C. If you can find the one letter C in less than seven seconds, then you will have bested 99 percent of the other adults who have taken this test.

You can, of course, take your time and scan each O on this entire grid. Youíre bound to find the C within a few minutes using this method, but you wonít be able to claim the bragging rights of beating 99 percent of people around the world. If you want to become one of the lucky few in that exclusive one percent, then you really need to prepare well before looking at this grid. The best strategy is to take in the whole grid once you see it. This way, you will have the best odds of spotting the C with your peripheral vision. Donít try to focus on any one area in particular. Instead, just try to take in the whole picture and sense where the C is hiding.

Well, now all that you have to do is try this test out for yourselves. If you donít see the C in seven seconds, thereís nothing to be ashamed of. Like we said earlier, most people are not able to do it, You can take all the time you need to find this C. However, if you are trying to find this C within seven seconds, youíd better get ready. You only get one seven measly seconds to prove your visual superiority.