At the age of five, Elena Desserich and her parents were given the devastating news that she had a rare and inoperable form of brain cancer.

Over the next year, the innocent little girl summoned the courage to fight the disease.

Elena and her parents refused to let the cancer hold back what precious little time she had left.


While Elena and her parents relished the last days of her life, the little girl gathered enough strength to embark on a special project that remained Elena’s secret until she finally succumbed to the disease.

Over the last few months of her life, Elena wrote hundreds of short little notes and placed them throughout her home. The little girl left them in dressers, photo boxes and even between dishes. The notes were Elena’s way of telling her parents that everything would be okay.

Two years later, Elena’s parents decided to write a book detailing the little girl’s notes called “Notes Left Behind.” To this day, Elena’s parents use the notes as a source of comfort, and they hope the book helps comfort those parents struggling with the loss of a child.

The parents say the notes left behind by Elena also serve as a way for her little sister to learn what Elena was like before she went home to God.