Catherine is an Instagram star with 7.5 million followers. That’s no small amount! Her YouTube Channel is called the ACE Family and it has a whopping 17.6 million subscribers. It’s full of videos about the family, and the one that plays automatically when you first get there introduces the various parts of the family and shows a video that does a survey of their house and shows what everyone is doing, including people who are sleeping in the video. The introductory video actually has the man proposing to Catherine in the video. It’s dated as being from two years ago, so their family is just that new. The channel is also full of stuff like showing off new babies, Catherine being pregnant, rating outfits, and all related stuff. The Instagram channel shows that Catherine has two children named Elle and Alaia and that her husband’s name is Austin.

There are a lot of pictures in the Instagram channel showing the husband and wife posing in different outfits, going to the beach, hanging out on docks and more. There are many photos of the children where they are hanging out on tiny pianos, next to cabinets, and in bed. The video that started it all was just called “The Best Proposal of All Time!!! (Jumping Out of a Plane). In the video, he blindfolds his wife and then reveals that they are going to go skydiving after they arrive that he location. Catherine is definitely freaking out in the video and looks highly surprised and excited by everything. She’s just looking at everything dumbfounded. After they land, he proposes to her on the beach where they landed from the dive. The video has millions of hits and created quite a sensation on the Internet.

The YouTube channel in general is all about video blogging the day to day life of the Ace family. Catherine and Austin show off everything they do with their millions of fans. Austin is actually a basketball star, so that becomes an important part of what happens in many of the videos. Many behind the scenes videos show that Austin was interested in Catherine right away. It actually started even after their first date. Austin left without anything else happening, but they did keep seeing each other until Austin told her how he felt about her.

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It took time for Catherine to return the feelings. She said that everything moved really fast and this definitely took her by surprise. Austin actually say “Yo that was quick.” IN response to how quickly their relationship had moved. Catherine actually said that she was surprised their relationship had lasted as long as it has when she was asked about it later on in an interview.however, it turned out to be something of a relationship for a lifetime for her in the end. Catherine also claimed that a psychic predicted her future when she was 10, including all the fame and fortune and what would happen with her love live.