Airbnb has revolutionized the way people travel. Instead of settling for a standard hotel room, now you can stay in an entire house or maybe even just one room in it – anywhere and anywhere your heart desires as long as there’s availability! These days, travelers are spoilt for choice with some truly incredible rental options available on Airbnb.

Although it can be difficult to anticipate the quality of an Airbnb before arriving, this uncertainty has its own rewards. We are often pleased and astonished by our hosts’ hospitality and amenities that exceed expectations. But there may also be drawbacks – unresponsive hosts, lack of necessary provisions, or even unwanted interference in your stay! Nevertheless, exploring Airbnb is a great way to discover new places with unique experiences.

Tiffany was so surprised by her Airbnb experience that she felt compelled to share it on TikTok, and over 1.6 million viewers agreed with her! Unfortunately, the video is now private meaning we can’t show you here, however, rest assured its popularity stemmed from something extraordinary.

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In her second video, Tiffany explains how she booked an Airbnb and the events that followed. After being pleased with the host’s helpful information on where to safely park her car, Tiffany was more than content engaging in a long conversation upon arrival – until she stumbled upon notes scattered throughout her room.

Tiffany slowly started to fathom what other visitors had implied in their reviews when they wrote that they “felt watched” and that there was “too much information.” Take Tiffany’s experience, for example. She found a glass in her room and took it to the kitchen to fill it with water; however, she was told by the host that it was “the wrong glass.” In actuality, this particular vessel was meant as a placeholder for her toothbrush. The host kindly suggested that instead of washing dishes in the sink, she should put them all in the dishwasher.

Up in her room, Tiffany discovered a plethora of notes detailing all sorts of directions. Although some were useful, like the detailed instructions on how to use the remote control with an accompanying illustration, others seemed excessive. Even mundane tasks such as using storage bins and vents had their own set of written guidelines! In her video, she went over these peculiar yet amusing little tidbits that had been left for her by the host.

The video garnered a mixed response from viewers, with some saying the host was too meticulous and overwhelming for hosting an Airbnb. Yet other commenters argued that her accumulation of instructions was likely due to having fielded previous queries about how to use items in the home numerous times before, which motivated her to leave detailed notes rather than continually respond individually.

Have you ever stayed in an Airbnb? If so, was your experience pleasant or did the host seem too controlling? Was it a good overall stay?