Owning a pet can be costly, but it’s important to note that some pets require more financial investment than others. For example, particular dog breeds necessitate higher costs for food and veterinary visits. If you have multiple cats in your home, the expense of regularly changing their litter box adds up quickly too!

Fish, however, prove to be a much more budget-friendly option when it comes to pet ownership. Even if you opt for something like a goldfish and the necessary tank—which can become pricey itself—it’s still quite inexpensive in comparison to other choices. Unfortunately, one TikTok user found out that her landlord didn’t care much about the cost and attempted to charge an exorbitant fee simply because she had owned said fish!

Keeping a pet can be quite costly, especially when you’re renting an apartment or hotel. Is it fair to ask a young woman to pay hundreds of dollars just for the privilege of keeping her beloved goldfish? Absolutely not! This opinion has been echoed across TikTok and other blogging platforms – no one should have to pay exorbitant fees simply for having such an innocuous pet.

Despite this, the greedy landlord decided to impose a monthly pet rent of fifteen dollars and an exorbitant one-time fee of two hundred dollars on the young woman simply because she wanted something fun to do with her limited free time – getting a fish as a companion.

Nic, the stunningly beautiful TikTok star hailing from the United States, recently gained notoriety when she shared a screenshot of her lease agreement with its outrageous pet rent fees. It was clear that her slum lord landlord had grossly underestimated how much owning a simple fish should cost and be trying to take advantage of Nic in every way possible.

She left her audience speechless with the caption to her now-viral post, which has already been viewed by tens of thousands: “They’re now charging pet rent for fishes? Speechless.”

People were fuming in the comments about how modern-day America seems to impose taxes on virtually everything, from cannabis and chocolate to coffees and pet ownership. This landlord was no exception as they are charging Nic an exorbitant fee for wanting to own a pet – something which is her right! It seemed like people had just about enough of these kinds of oppressive fees.

“They’ll do anything for money, I swear,” wrote one person, while a second person added, “The greed is astonishing.”

Another user said, “These apartments are out of control with their damn fees.”

“Are you going to release a barracuda into the halls?” another asked.

Another person said, “I didn’t think you needed permission for a fish.”

“Next, they will be asking you to provide proof of spaying and neutering for your fish,” joked another person.