In a shocking turn of events, Kathleen Wilson, a Minnesota resident, has taken legal action against her dentist, Dr. Kevin Molldrem, in a lawsuit that alleges a harrowing ordeal that unfolded in a single, marathon dental visit in July 2020. Wilson claims that the dental procedures performed on her that day have left her not only disfigured but also plagued by distress.

According to the civil suit filed in Hennepin County District Court, Dr. Molldrem subjected Kathleen Wilson to an astonishing array of treatments within the confines of a single five-and-a-half-hour appointment. The laundry list of procedures included eight dental crowns, four root canals, and an astounding 20 fillings.

This relentless dental blitzkrieg has had severe repercussions for Kathleen Wilson. She endured pain and embarrassment, ultimately resorting to additional appointments with other dentists to rectify the alleged damage inflicted by Dr. Molldrem. An affidavit obtained by the Star Tribune highlights the extent of her suffering, as she describes feeling disfigured and deeply distressed by the aftermath of this dental marathon.

To compound the gravity of the situation, Wilson claims that Dr. Molldrem manipulated her medical records and administered excessive anesthesia, presumably in an attempt to evade accountability for the consequences of his actions. The lawsuit seeks a minimum of $50,000 in damages, reflecting the magnitude of the distress and disfigurement Wilson has experienced.

The case has gained credibility from an expert Florida dentist, Dr. Avrum Goldstein, who conceded that Dr. Molldrem was accurate in diagnosing Wilson’s dental problems, but vehemently criticized the execution of the treatment. Goldstein contended that Wilson’s condition required a meticulous and measured approach, a far cry from the hurried and overwhelming onslaught of procedures she endured.

“Trying to fill every hole in every tooth in her mouth in one visit is not only the antithesis of what was indicated, it is not humanely possible to achieve in an effective or constructive manner,” Goldstein stated in a Nov. 14 report.

Moreover, Goldstein emphasized that Dr. Molldrem’s aggressive approach did little to address Wilson’s vulnerability to dental issues or the looming threat of tooth loss. He further asserted that Molldrem administered an excessive amount of anesthesia during the procedure, exceeding recommended dosages by almost twofold.

In a last-ditch effort to salvage her dental health, Wilson eventually sought treatment at the University of Minnesota Dental School over several months in 2022, aiming to stabilize her oral condition. However, the lawsuit warns that if all of Wilson’s teeth ultimately require removal or replacement with implants, all the work and expenses associated with previous procedures may have been in vain.

As this legal battle unfolds, questions surrounding the extent of responsibility on the part of Dr. Molldrem will likely come to the forefront. The New York Post has reached out to him for comment, but as of now, the dentist has remained silent regarding the allegations against him.

This dental nightmare serves as a stark reminder of the importance of careful and responsible medical practice, especially in cases where a patient’s well-being and appearance hang in the balance. Kathleen Wilson’s lawsuit shines a light on the consequences of excessive treatment, emphasizing the need for diligence and professionalism in the field of dentistry.