Preparing a Thanksgiving feast is quite a process and one that can be made more enjoyable by having a little family fun. One family decided to film some of the experience.

The turkey was done, and daughter Raquel was put to work. Raquel is seen removing the stuffing from the cavity of the bird. The turkey and the stuffing look delicious, and all is going well.

Once all the stuffing is removed, though, things get interesting! While Raquel’s parents and sister struggle to keep their composure, Raquel is shocked to find a baby turkey within the turkey! Raquel pulls out the baby turkey and promptly starts crying.

She exclaims that the turkey is a girl since it was clearly pregnant. As Raquel holds the baby turkey on a fork and tears stream down her face, her family all laughs hysterically.

With the pregnant turkey, Raquel’s family pulled off the ultimate Thanksgiving prank. The family stopped filming before the gullible Raquel realizes that her family was pranking her, or presumably before she remembered some basics of biology.

Hopefully, Raquel was able to calm down enough to actually enjoy some of the Thanksgiving feast she was such a vital part of preparing. No word yet from Raquel on whether the mama turkey or the baby turkey was more delicious.