Most of us get small bites from random and pesky insects, especially during hikes or gardening. You can agree that we show little concern and even don’t care. If you are that kind of a person, then the following story gives you every reason to start taking such small bites from insects seriously. Chrissy Naticchia lost her lovely husband to a bite the never knew how it happened. She explains that her husband began to feel unwell with his body showing some strange signs and symptoms. Also, he had an extreme fever with plenty of sweat more often. Chrissy narrates that sometimes the sweat was too much, forcing her to change his clothes and the bed sheets.

Chrissy got as worried as she had never seen her husband that sick. Therefore, she rushed him to the hospital for treatment. After the doctor’s diagnosis, they found no illness, and also they never determined what the real problem was. Meanwhile, they gave him some medicines to ease his fever. Yes, the sweating stopped, but the illness became worse, making him weaker. She decided to try an Urgent Care center where the doctors noted that the issue was in his kidney. And they commented that it was a dangerous infection. The doctors administered some antibiotics to lower the fever, but the illness continued to worsen. She adds that the sickness continued to grow every day. One day he was rushed from work to an emergency room where he was put on a ventilator. The doctors examined him and found that his liver and all the kidneys were ceasing to function properly. Since they never had the expertise to handle such a situation, the doctors referred him to specialists in that field, who determined the main problem. It was noted that Chrissy’s husband was suffering from Nuttallia, also known as Babesia, and was caused by a tick bite. Furthermore, the doctors stated that the sickness has deadly effects as it damages the red blood cells.

After being given some treatments, there was some progress, and the couple started to feel quite relieved. What’s more, the doctors offered some drug prescriptions, which made Chrissy more hopeful. Unfortunately, it wasn’t long before she got a call from the doctors while at home at 4.30 am asking her to get over to the hospital. They stated that the condition was terrible and worse as her husband’s blood pressure was falling. Within no time, she got the most saddening news that her husband had passed on. She was severely frustrated and kept wondering how a tick bite could snatch her lovely husband from her. So, Chrissy thought that the only way to prevent such a problem from happening again is to share her story. This is to let them know that there are very dangerous insect bites which they should take seriously. Her concern was not to let anyone lose their loved ones just because of such reasons. To further her efforts, Chrissy decided to teach people about stuff related to this issue. She painfully said that the tick bite took away her son, his father, and now no one else will teach him the things fathers teach their sons. Chrissy concluded by praising how good her husband was, who could do anything and even die for his family.