For several years, the same group of friends would get together for an annual fishing trip. However this year John’s wife had decided that she had finally had enough, and she forbade John from joining his friends on the voyage.

While his friends were upset that he was unable to participate, they understood his position and let it be. When the three arrived at the camping site a few days later, they were astonished to see that John had beat them there.

He had already pitched a tent, had a decent pile of firewood ready, dinner was prepared, and he was enjoying a refreshing beer. The friends expressed their confusion at seeing him here and already settled in.

They asked John how he had successfully convinced his wife to change her mind and allow him to join. John revealed that his wife’s reading list had most recently included ’50 Shades of Grey’.

The night before, she had walked up behind him as he was resting in his recliner and had placed her hands over his eyes, and enquired “Guess who?” When he pulled her hands from his eyes, she was before him wearing a nightie.

She led him to their bedroom, which was prepared with lit candles, loose rose petals, ropes and a pair of handcuffs. She had requested that she use all of these tools to do whatever he desired. Well, he did, and while his wife is back at home, John made it to the annual fishing trip!