Matt and Liz are two people involved in a trick with a hidden camera. Matt is aware of the camera while Liz is not. They go to a restaurant with the cameras set up, and thats when the scenario happens. An actress pretending to be a waitress sits down with Matt while Liz gets up to go to the bathroom.

The fake waitress is young and attractive and begins talking to Matt and saying things like how he looks like her celebrity crush, Vin Diesel. This is definitely being played for comedy because Matt doesnt look anything like Vin Diesel at all, being a smaller man while Vin is huge. When Liz gets back, she definitely looks unhappy. The waitress talks about how Matt is handsome, and Liz says that shes glad the waitress thinks that Matt is handsome because sometimes Liz forgets. Liz says that after ten years she often forgets that Matt is handsome completely. The scenario is definitely being played for awkward humor in favor of the audience.

At this point in the scenario, the narrator says that they are going to tell their fake server to turn up the heat and increase the awkwardness. She starts asking whether Matt works out, and Matt says that he does boxing. Then, the waitress says that boxers always have the sexiest bodies.

At this point, Liz says that he might punch you by accident. Liz starts getting more nervous and drinks her Bloody Mary so that she can stop shaking. Then, the waitress moves closer to Matt and asks him what he does for a living. Matt tells her that hes a police officer. The waitress says that she has a thing for police officers and that they will have to exchange information at some point. Liz starts looking at her phone and shaking her head.

Liz finally says Nobody is exchanging information. The waitress tells Matt that he looks a little tense. She asks if he is OK, and begins rubbing his shoulders. Liz tells her that their food was getting cold and that her job was to bring it so that they could eat it. At this point, she looks pretty mad. Things are looking very tense and there is a kind of heat in the air. The waitress says wow, and then says that she was just being friendly.

Liz appears to get even angrier and Liz says thats because youre an idiot. At this point, the narrator talks about how the gloves are coming off, and the two the women begin sparring, with the waitress saying that she can see why Matt is so tense, touching his back again, and Liz telling the waitress that shes being rude. She tells him to stop putting hands on her husband, and she keeps doing it anyway. Then Liz threatens to throw things at the waitress. At this point, the team comes in and reveals that it was all a hidden camera setup. Liz said that she cant believe she almost threw stuff. She also said that it made her appreciate her husband more and that she was glad that she had him and that some women really do try to steal husbands.