There aren’t too many fitness models that can do it all, but Arianny Celeste is definitely an exception to the rule book. She is termed as one of the UFC’s top ring girls, performing for all of the top matches within the mixed martial arts world. This job has been her passion for quite some time. When she is not touting her stuff inside the octagon, she can be seen training on the sideline. Celeste is an avid fan of boxing and trains her kickboxing skills on a weekly basis. This is how she stays toned up for UFC matches. She also loves to mix in yoga and different stretching techniques to keep her body limber and adapting to the heavy amount of strain that comes with the physical fitness activities she performs. She also doubles as a fitness model and has branded many different inclusions of separated content streams that she shares to motivate others. There really isn’t a field of fitness and modeling that Arianny hasn’t embraced, leaving her near the top of the charts in terms of fitness models and influences.

In modeling terms, Arianny has also posed for Playboy. Her fit physique has drawn fans of her curvaceous body type. She also spends time on-screen when filming for the television show, Overhaulin’. Taking a step back to admire her track record is a necessary step as fans of her work come from many different genres and backgrounds. She was born in Las Vegas and moved to California at a young age. This movement is what sparked her interest in fitness. She got involved at a gym as a teenager and really never slowed her strive for excellence. She obsessed over fitness so much that she started many different programs to platform her learning into a teachable technique that could easily be utilized by others. She wanted to share her success with her followers and utilizes her social media presence as a tool to term the success of others.

Celeste can be noted as one who is very active on Instagram. She posts daily health and wellness tips. From sharing her breakfast with the world to teaching many different workout techniques to tone problem areas, their isn’t a n aspect of fitness that Celeste won’t touch upon. She takes a holistic approach to fitness, which is what contributes to her rich diversity in her following groups. She speaks to all age ranges and all body types, terming specific goals and ideals that can be used by anyone. She wants to keep the discussion open for inclusions because she feels that is the best way to outreach her message to all corners of the globe.

She wants to keep a full inclusion on the types of people that can take from her advice and apply it within their day to day lives. Celeste continues this strong standing of media presence and will continue to motivate others through her personal strive for excellence and the idea of keeping all on-board with improving steps within their own lives.