Following the patriotic celebrations of Independence Day, actor Kevin Costner sat down with Fox News Digital to share a stirring message about his deep love for America and the significance of the Fourth of July.

Costner, known for his roles in iconic films and his recent Western drama “Horizon: An American Saga,” expressed a profound reverence for the nation’s history and its enduring values. Despite occasional controversies, including his public support for figures like Liz Cheney and Pete Buttigieg, Costner’s reflections on America resonated deeply.

“It is an opportunity to look back at the journey of America, and before America was America,” Costner remarked during the interview. “There is something to protect here. There is something to celebrate.”

The actor emphasized the importance of public service in politics, stressing that elections should prioritize the needs of the American people over personal ambitions. “It should be about the public, to begin with,” Costner asserted. “Not about someone’s next four years. It has to be first and foremost about what’s broken here, and there’s always gonna be something to be done.”

Costner’s recent project, “Horizon: An American Saga,” explores the hardships and resilience of early American settlers. In discussing the film, he highlighted the grit and determination required to navigate the challenges of westward expansion. “There’s real drama in how people crossed this country,” Costner explained. “It was infinitely more difficult. You were dealing with unknowns. You didn’t know where you were going.”

He contrasted the struggles of frontier life with modern conveniences, emphasizing the daily life-or-death decisions faced by pioneers. “When you were confronted with issues, you had to make up your mind very quickly in very tough situations,” he said, underscoring the high stakes involved in settling the American West.

Costner also addressed the importance of inclusivity in storytelling, particularly in portraying the pivotal role of women in shaping American history. “Without women, the West dies. It never happens. This country doesn’t happen,” he emphasized. “They have a place in these stories.”

Reflecting on the authenticity of his narrative approach, Costner dismissed the notion of romanticizing history. “It’s not Frontierland. It was real stakes. And it was a 200 or 300-year struggle to cross this country,” he stated, emphasizing his commitment to presenting a truthful portrayal of America’s past.

As Costner continues to engage audiences with his cinematic projects and thoughtful reflections on patriotism and American identity, his insights serve as a poignant reminder of the enduring spirit that defines the nation.

Stay tuned for more updates as Kevin Costner’s “Horizon: An American Saga” continues to resonate with audiences, offering a compelling perspective on America’s rich history and the challenges that shaped it.