In a riveting pre-fight address, UFC champion Colby Covington, a staunch supporter of former President Donald Trump, seized the spotlight to honor the “MAGA Movement” and underscore his unwavering commitment to American values. The electrifying moment unfolded on Friday night, setting the stage for his epic showdown with UFC welterweight champion Leon Edwards scheduled for Sunday.

Covington’s words resonated with conservatives nationwide as he declared his dedication to a triumvirate of cherished ideals: the brave men and women of law enforcement, the indomitable spirit of the military, and the enduring MAGA movement. With unyielding conviction, he boldly proclaimed that the movement’s resurgence is inevitable, a conviction that sent ripples of enthusiasm through his ardent supporters.

“Ready for the American Revolution?” Covington asked, his voice brimming with passion. “This fight tomorrow night is for all the men and women of law enforcement, all our troops past and present, and it’s for the entire MAGA movement. You can try to slow us down, but you’ll never stop us. Trump is on his way back to the White House!” With thunderous applause from his fans, he fervently declared, “This one is for America…let’s go!”

Covington’s unwavering dedication to American values doesn’t stop in the octagon. Recently, he made headlines by criticizing NBA star LeBron James for his perceived disrespect toward the American flag and National Anthem at a USC basketball game. James’s actions, which included entering the arena during the Anthem, failing to remove his hat, and remaining seated, ignited fury among conservatives, including Covington.

In his pointed critique of LeBron, Covington declared, “If you harbor such disdain for America and disregard the very country that has bestowed upon you immense wealth, then you should either leave or confront those who dare to question your actions. You take your business to China, where you exploit laborers and underpay women to amass your fortune. Shame on you, LeBron James. You’re a coward, a spineless coward, and a disgrace.” The confrontation can be watched here:

Covington has also been vocal in his admiration for former President Trump, who has graced UFC events with his presence. Covington eagerly shared his aspiration for Trump to present him with the championship belt after his victory, affirming, “President Trump will be in the front row, ready to place that belt around my waist. He’s the champion of the people and the greatest president in American history.”

Furthermore, Covington articulated the reasons behind his fervent support for Trump and what he believes the former president achieved during his first term. He praised Trump’s accomplishments in securing peace in the Middle East, maintaining border security, and keeping inflation and gas prices under control. Covington’s optimism was evident as he confidently declared, “He’s making a comeback in 2024, and he’ll make America great again.”

In a testament to his unyielding mindset, Covington emphasized his unparalleled discipline and determination. He illustrated his relentless work ethic by remarking, “While others are done with their workouts and glued to their phones, I’m pushing myself to the limit. It’s all about mindset. My mental fortitude is unmatched. I believe I’m invincible. On Saturday night, I will break Leon Edwards. He’s merely a tin man. The fighter within me will bring out the quitter in him. I’ve never sought a participation trophy. I may not be the biggest or the strongest, but I am undoubtedly the fiercest. My body is my vessel. I may have faced setbacks, but on Saturday night, victory will be undeniable.”

Colby Covington’s unwavering commitment to conservative values, his support for the MAGA movement, and his respect for American institutions have solidified his place as a formidable force both inside and outside the octagon. As he prepares to step into the spotlight once again, his message resonates strongly with those who share his passion for making America great.