Many people, including his fans, were not happy when they saw the shirt that Jeffrey Dean Morgan, an actor who is known for his role in Walking Dead, was wearing in a recent photo he posted on his Instagram. His followers were quick to attack him for the Blue Lives Matter t-shirt, as they believed that it was controversial and a symbol of hate, even though he explained why he was wearing it in the caption below the photo. He shared that the shirt had been given to him by the mother of an officer who was slain. He explained that the officer who had been killed was black and that his life mattered.

He also stated that others had lost their lives while serving as police officers, including immigrants who had come to this country and taken on the duty of protecting it. His caption explained that the shirt had been given to him at a convention, and he started it off by saying “blue lives do matter.” He ended the post by saying that cops and first responders save many lives, and by commending them for all they do to protect him and others.

People took offense to the post because they believed that Jeffrey Dean Morgan was saying that he is not a supporter of Black Lives Matter. They thought because he shared his support of police officers, that he couldn’t support black lives, as well. They attacked him for wearing a shirt that they believed was controversial and for sharing a post that supported those in blue because they believed that meant he was a racist. He got so much hate on the post that, after a short amount of time, he decided to take it down. He also published an apology for the controversy that was caused by the photo and the post that he put with it.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan started his apology by saying that he still stands behind the post and what it meant to him, but that he had to delete it because of what people thought of it. He said that he believes black lives matter and that wearing the shirt was not meant to take away from that. He believes that the woman who gave him the shirt didn’t mean any harm in doing that, either.

Jeffrey also shared that he believes the country needs more good people in it and less division. He said opinions are needed and that people can share them as they want. His wordy apology talked about how everyone needs to feel free to express themselves but that it is harder to do that nowadays when everyone is trying to be politically correct. He ended the post by saying “all my best” and signing his initials.