If youve ever been stuck in traffic, then you understand the irritability that many people experience. Some people enjoy tailgating someone else, which is not a safe thing to do even if that driver is irritated at how slow the traffic is moving on the road. A trucker turned on his dashcam at the right time to capture an accident on a highway in Virginia.

The traffic was bumper to bumper in a construction zone. Drivers should have been traveling at slower speeds in the first place, but instead, they were following each other very closely at speeds that werent safe. Two vehicles at the front of the pack get into an accident. This sets off a long chain reaction in the left lane. The third car is hit so hard that it ends up in front of a truck in the right lane.

The driver of the truck realizes what is taking place and slows down to try to avoid the accident. When the truck driver stops because of the cars that keep piling up, the other drivers behind him cant get anywhere. The cause of the accident was a construction vehicle a short ways up ahead of the pileup, but if the other drivers had been paying attention, then it might not have led to this many cars being involved.