Anyone who has ever received a prescription drug has been left with the orange plastic pill bottle after taking the medication. This pill bottle is designed to be functional and inexpensive. It is made to hold the pills in a watertight and safe environment for a month or longer. The plastic is safe and durable. It would be a waste to just throw the pill bottle away. Unfortunately, not many people realize just how useful that bottle could be. One person found a number of ways to repurpose old prescription pill bottles.

You could use the pill bottle to create a miniature emergency kit.

Just fill the bottle with things like bandages, alcohol pads, painkillers and a little cash. You can carry the kit around in case of an emergency.

You could use the top of the pill bottle as a cookie cutter to make miniature baked treats. The pill bottle can be turned into a small gift box by gluing some wrapping paper to the outside and placing a bow on the cap. The bottle could become an emergency key storage unit. Put a house key inside, glue the lid shut and bury it outside your home. A final idea is to use the pill bottle as a travel accessory. You can fill it with creams or gels that can be taken with you on flights or road trips.

A prescription pill bottle has many uses. The lid makes the bottle waterproof so that anything inside will not become wet in the rain. The bottle can resist a large amount of abuse. Think twice before throwing out a prescription pill bottle the next time you have one.