A man who many would deem “ugly” by American standards has defended himself against the hordes of internet commenters who say he’s too ugly to be with his beautiful wife. Scott from Houston, Texas regularly posts videos on TikTok explaining how an ugly man like him landed a hot wife from the Philippines. The two have been together for five years after she messaged him on Facebook in 2017 by accident.

Scott and Divine started talking through Facebook Messenger, and after a few intimate conversations, Scott asked her on a date. They ended up dating long distance for a while until they figured out how to bring her from the Pacific island nation to the United States. Following her dreams and being free were some of Divine’s goals.

In November 2017, Scott took the first step by flying from Houston to the Philippines where his future wife lived. He proposed and although it was a long-distance relationship, they managed for four years until Divine could finally move to America. They married as soon as she arrived and have been living happily since then.

However, some internet users believe Scott is not deserving of an attractive wife. They think that he deserves someone who is as “ugly” on the outside as they assume he is on the inside. Many assume Divine married Scott for a Green Card or because he has “money.” But in reality, Scott is not rich, and Divine allegedly did not use him to get access to American citizenship.

“Before I met Divine, life was pretty boring. My life was at a total standstill,” Scott said.

Scott has an autoimmune disease called Scleroderma, which made him look unattractive. The disease began to affect him when he was thirteen years old and changed his appearance until he looked completely different. However, the condition is “not expected to get any worse.”

For those internet users who regularly leave negative comments, Scott has this to say.

“Because you keep seeing the same thing over and over again. There’s just no effect anymore. We’re just two normal people… There’s always going to be someone out there that’s not going to think about it (your appearance).”

In addition to finding the internet troll comments demoralizing, Divine does not think that she used Scott so she could get her Green Card or take advantage of his finances.

The couple has had some questions from internet users that border on the absurd, like: “Are you a real couple?” to “are you sexually active?” and “does your wife ever wash her hair?”

Some people are under the false assumption that Scott lured a “young girl” to move across the world against her will. He stated, “Don’t let your eyes deceive you. She’s way older than you think she is.”

Luckily, the couple has a few fans.

“Wow, you are both so classy! A very nice couple indeed,” one person said.