A pair of doting pet parents have rescued a morbidly obese beagle and are helping the pup slim down. Chad Schatz and Erin McManis, both forty, found Wolfgang at an Arizona Beagle Rescue in May 2019. Weighing in at a shocking ninety pounds, they knew something had to change for their new friend. The couple immediately put Wolfgang on a strict diet and exercise program that has helped him lose more than sixty pounds since he was rescued!

Wolfgang was motivated to get healthy, so for three years he stuck to a routine of regular exercise and a balanced diet. He would often walk on a doggie treadmill or take leisurely strolls outdoors. Now, the dog is down to a much healthier twenty-seven pounds – previously weighing ninety pounds at his highest weight.

In celebration of National Pet Obesity Awareness Day, the couple who are both lawyers shared a video documenting Wolfgang’s weight-loss journey. He joined his forever family back in May 2019 and has been on a path to better health ever since.

The video montage of Wolfgang, a dog, starts with him at ninety pounds and ends with him speedily running through the yard at twenty-seven pounds. The couple was grateful for all the support to help Wolfgang get healthier. They wrote the caption from Wolfgang’s perspective.

“My parents told me I was cute from the moment they picked me up at the shelter (even when they struggled to get me in their car). They said I was so unique that I was a unicorn,” the lawyer couple said on the IG page Obese_Beagle. As of this writing, the clip of Wolfgang losing all the weight has amassed nearly four million views.

Although some people might find obese dogs “cute,” the couple argues that there is nothing attractive about “extreme obesity in dogs.” Rather, this level of obesity usually indicates that the animal has been subject to neglect or abuse.

“Even a little extra weight on a dog can add a lot of stress on the dog’s joints,” the couple said. “We do firmly believe that small, consistent steps can yield big results.”

Wolfgang set many goals for himself during his weight loss journey and was excited to celebrate each milestone. For example, the couple documented when he was first able to fit through the doggie door, walk one mile without stopping, and complete a 5k race. Each accomplishment marked significant progress in Wolfgang’s health transformation.

“’I still can’t believe I’m an athlete now,” the couple said.

Schatz and McManis are both experienced, animal rescuers. They have taken in foster dogs since 2009 and have previously helped five obese dogs get back to a healthy weight. According to People, they decided to take on Wolfgang’s case last December.

The original plan was to simply foster Wolfgang, but after getting to know him and developing a bond, they decided to adopt him and make him a part of their family permanently.