Billboards of President Joe Biden have started appearing across Pennsylvania, and a former Senator could be behind the displays. This person has funded about a dozen of the billboards that feature President Biden in Taliban gear while holding a weapon.

The slogan on most of them is “Making the Taliban Great Again.” This is a play on the slogan that former President Trump had while he was in office about making America great again. A former representative for York County, Scott Wagner is a Republican and held his office from 2014 to 2018. There are a few reasons why he decided to fund the billboards that have some liberals who live in the state angry.

Ever since Biden withdrew troops in the way that he did, there have been several people who have expressed their thoughts with many of them being negative. When questioned about his decisions, he hasn’t always been forthcoming in why he handled the situation the way that he did, which has led to even more people questioning his motives and his reasoning.

Wagner decided that he wanted as many people as possible to see how angry he is at how the situation was handled, which is one of the reasons why he funded the billboards. Soon after the billboards were put up, the company behind them confirmed that the person supporting them was Wagner.

Wagner hasn’t always been a clean Republican. He has been seen on social media pages, such as Facebook, engaging in heated debates and offering a few choice words against Gov. Tom Wolf. He has even gone so far as threatening him by letting Wolf know that he should put a mask on his face because he would stomp him with golf spikes. These feelings were expressed in 2018 before the election. A short time later, Wagner apologized for making the statements, letting others know that it wasn’t like him to make threats.

Some of the people associated with Wolf’s campaign believed that Wagner was unhinged and that he does have a past that includes bullying. Wagner offered statements to Fox News about the billboards that he funded as well as President Biden’s actions regarding Afghanistan. The entire pullout was done in a rushed manner and has left the United States a laughing stock among other countries. Now, the Taliban have weapons at their disposal and have the upper hand. There are families that could be separated, and there are young people who likely won’t know what a normal life is like because of the actions of President Biden. The billboards are a reminder that President Biden acted based on his ego and that he didn’t have the information he needed before ordering the withdrawal of troops.