When some people think of Christians, they might think that they are prim and proper all the time without having a sense of humor. There are a few churches with signs out front that could change that perception. While mosquitos are creatures designed by God, it’s alright to pray that they are quickly eliminated or that they would simply disappear altogether. One sign talks about Noah and how he should have handled taking the mosquitos on the ark. Another sign talks about how people don’t like someone who acts like a know-it-all, even the Lord. While in school, children are usually taught to stop, drop, and roll if they are on fire. This is a technique that likely won’t work for those who are in Hell, which could be a way for the church to get more people to come inside.

A comical sign that many people can relate to talks about how people who go to Walmart can save a few dollars instead of going to other stores. However, everyone is a sinner and needs God to save their souls. Something that quite a few people are guilty of is taking the Lord’s name in vain. One church sign reminds people that there could be a longer wait time in traffic and that it might not do much to dismiss the temptation. A common sign that’s seen in front of churches directs people to honk if they love Jesus. It also lets people know that they should text while driving if they want to meet Him.

During the summer months, some churches display a sign that talks about needing a lifeguard. It states that their lifeguard can walk on water, which leads to how Jesus can save other people while also performing miracles. This is a way that churches try to get people to stop and ask questions so that they can learn more about Jesus and what He can do for them. Some churches try to keep up with the changing times as much as possible. One states that prayer is wireless in order to try to reach those who are a part of the technical world. The sign also lets viewers know that they can talk to God without having a roaming fee, which relates to many people who have even the most basic cell phone. This sign could be one to try to reach the younger generation in order to get them to church. A sign that could be directed to certain individuals or that could be a random statement talks about how someone stole the church’s air conditioning units. They also let the person know that they can keep them because it could be a bit hot where they are going.