Despite the fact that the COVID-19 epidemic is still going on, many nations have relaxed their laws and policies. Some businesses have resumed operations, and schools have reopened. People now feel a little more liberty since everyone has taken safety measures. And it’s just one of several social distances.

Preschool and elementary children are significantly impacted, as is evident by their absence from school. With many schools reopening, it’s critical to maintain a safe distance. 1. 5 million students will return to class after nearly two months of school closure.

Because of the virus, these youngsters are compelled to learn how to live with greater social barriers. Parents believe that this may have a long-term traumatizing influence on children. This is what’s happening to these kids in France right now as a result of the disease.

A photo of the French toddlers went viral. Their picture showed how far apart the school will be from their homes. The youngsters in the shot were engaged in play while maintaining a gap between them with their chalk-made squares.

A journalist from Tourcoing, France named Lionel Top tweeted this photo. The image has already been retweeted over 15,000 times!

The photographer, Top, thought the atmosphere in the playground in the picture was “very strange, even disturbing.” However, he also noted that the youngsters did not appear to be concerned about their situation. He stated, “They laughed and played together but from far away. The children play, dance, jump, laugh together…but from this square. From what we have seen, they do not view it as a punishment.”

Many people have left their thoughts on the photograph. And some of them are not pleased with the current situation. One person said, “I can’t get over this. This image is heartbreaking. We can’t call this ‘school” Because of how the kids appear to be having a negative outdoor experience with their peers, others have termed this procedure “dystopian.” What the new normal day at school is not something that anyone would have imagined.

Others also expressed their disappointment with the situation by stating, “…children will be more traumatized to resume in conditions in these conditions then to stay home.”

Aside from social isolation, these young children are also instructed to follow other safety measures in order to assist prevent the virus from spreading. In fact, the Normandy town of Val-de-Reuil announced on Twitter that their pupils are required to wear protective gear like visors.

This is why instructors and professors have expressed their concerns about students returning to school so soon. The changes might be too much for these pupils, who may be flustered by them. As a result of this, we’re seeing more and more students using additional precautions such as sitting at separate desks from their seatmates. Teachers are also participating in this by wearing masks and practicing social distance.

It will certainly alter sooner than you may think. It’s going to change rather rapidly given that children have previously been encouraged to go out and socialize with other youngsters. In the developmental years of a youngster, socializing is critical. As they get older, socializing is one method for them to build their emotional and social skills.

It is no surprise that, given what is going on right now, the future will never be the same, especially for the younger generation.