When you’re a kid, Christmas is the most exciting time of the year.

The decorations, the music, and the gifts all contribute to the magical experience. Unfortunately, some families face financial hardships during the holiday season and have a hard time affording gifts.

One 16-year-old girl, Abby Meehan, took matters into her own hands at her cashiering job when a customer informed her she couldn’t afford any gifts for her son. Abby was working a double shift on Christmas Eve at Baesler’s Market, an Indiana grocery store.

Cory Swetland and her 10-year-old son, Jacob, went through her line, and Abby made some casual conversation as she rang them up. Cory said, “I was paying and Jacob was kind of being a boy- dancing and that sort of thing. She leaned down and said, ‘What is Santa going to bring you for Christmas?'” Cory then had to explain that Santa couldn’t visit them this year, implying that the family wouldn’t be able to buy gifts. After hearing this, Abby wanted to do anything she could to make Christmas better for Cory and Jacob.

After ringing up the items, she asked Cory for her phone number. Cory gave Abby her number and left, thinking Abby would enter her name into the store’s holiday raffle.

Instead, Abby bought a few of the games Jacob had asked for as well as some cookies and candy. She spent $75 on the gifts, which was her entire week’s paycheck. When she brought Jacob the gifts, he was ecstatic. Abby said, “You couldn’t imagine the look on his face. He was jumping up and down and smiling and we exchanged at least 10 hugs that night.”

Then, the day after Christmas, Abby and her parents met with Cory, Jacob, and Cory’s three other sons at Baesler’s Market. Abby’s mom, Mandy, bought some more gifts for Jacob’s brother as well as some food for the family.

Mandy said, “I knew I had to do more. I think Abby put herself aside and I think that’s remarkable. I’m very proud of her, for sure.” Cory was very grateful for the help from Abby and her family. She said, “I felt like the worst mother not being able to do anything for my kids for Christmas but to have a 16-year-old come in and help, it’s unimaginable.”

Abby also had a great experience getting to know Cory and Jacob, and she told ABC News, “Now I know I’ll always have a friend, and he will, and we’ll never forget each other.”

Abby posted her story onto her Facebook page, and the story has received thousands of likes and has been shared almost 300 times. Many people have commented showing their support for Abby and sharing similar stories. The Christmas season is the time for giving and helping others in need, and Abby showed the true meaning of Christmas with her actions. Hopefully, her story will inspire even more people to reach out to those in need and to keep their eyes open for families who may need a little help.