Sneezing can be caused by a cold, another illness or because there is a trigger in the area that tickles your nose. One woman sneezed, and her teeth started coming out. She went to the dentist to find out what was going on, and the reason was rather surprising.

If you are lucky enough to be diagnosed with a medical issue at a young age, then it can sometimes be a benefit as you can be treated and recover in a faster time frame compared to when you’re older and the body doesn’t fight off illnesses as easy. Lindzi Grant was 18 when she knew that she needed help. Her teeth crumble when there is the slightest pressure applied to them. If she moves her head the wrong way or sneezes, her teeth can fall out of her mouth or break apart. The nerves in her teeth were removed when she was 14.

One of the things that she noticed after her teeth started breaking was fluid building in her mouth. Her face would swell, and there wasn’t anything she could do except go to a dentist so that he could drill holes in the teeth to relieve the fluid and pressure. Once the holes were filled, the fillings would come out. Grant was in the hospital six times for life-threatening infections. Her dentist thought it was just Grant not taking care of her teeth, but since she had Type 1 diabetes from the time she was little, she hadn’t consumed much sugar in her life. Doctors aren’t sure what is going on, but Grant is now to the point where she needs dentures. She is only 18 and has a lifetime of self-esteem issues to face if she doesn’t get them.