Don’t you remember your last year in high school and all the dances that you got to participate in, in your final year of school? Right before everyone heads off to college and has to grow up and be adults. Your senior year in high school is one of the most memorable and really should be enjoyed as it means you are soon finished with school and in your final year. Well that was not so much the case for Micaela Duran. Micaela, was in her final year of Weber High. She was a senior and excited for all of the dances she would be able to attend that final year of high school with her friends.

One of the most exciting things about going to a school dance is that you get to pick out your dress that you will wear. Many kids attend their dances with brand new dresses that they have never worn before. And just like all the other kids attending the dance, Micaela had chosen the dress that she would be wearing to the dance as well. Micaela even wore her dress to have her school pictures made, and wore it to an assembly that was held at her school as well. You would think if there had been a problem with the style of dress, she had chosen that someone would have pointed it out to her at one of these school events, right? Wrong. Micaela had even shown her dress to the school admin and told them that it was her chosen dress for the dance that was coming up soon. No one told her she wasn’t allowed to wear it, or that it did not fit the dress code for the dance or anything like that.

So, you can imagine Micaela’s surprise when she shows up for the dance, wearing her chosen dress, and is told she cannot enter because her dress does not match the dress code. The same dress she had already worn in front of school officials, as well as told the officials that she would be wearing the dress to the dance.

When they told Micaela, she could not enter because of her dress she was wearing and the dance dress code, she felt like she was humiliated in front of all of her friends. Even admitting that the dress was on the low-cut side, she said that there were other girls that had gotten into the dance wearing dresses that were just as low cut as hers. She felt embarrassed and singled out. As if she were being picked on.

Micaela Duran stated she was upset and denied the opportunity to attend her schools final dance for the year, as well as her final high school dance. Micaela also stated that no matter what the school administration does about the incident that they will never be able to give her that opportunity that they caused her to miss again. She will never be able to get her final high school dance back.