The President of the United States has often been considered an individual that garners a lot of respect and admiration. However, for the past few years, Donald Trump has continued to come with a lot of controversy and it seems that the country is very split when it comes to their support for him. While some people continue to not support the president, others have been very happy with the job that he has done. The level of the political split in the country recently become public and very evident at a middle school.

One of the most common projects that a student is asked to create when they are in middle school is to write a report on their hero. Belle Moscato is a 11-year old student that attends Samoset Middle School and has had a significant interest and admiration for President Donald Trump ever since he started running for office. Due to this, he was a natural source for her paper. However, when she was working with her teacher to start the process of writing the report, the teacher denied the request stating that she needed to find someone else to write about. When she asked her teacher whey she was not able to write about President Trump, the teacher responded that Trump had said some bad things about women and other people and that he was not someone the student should be writing about.

The decision that the student would not be able to write about Trump was something that quickly caught the attention of the student’s parents and other people all over the country. Her parents pointed out the fact that restricting the ability to write about Trump was a form of censorship and that it was clearly a political motive that should not have been permitted in the school by a teacher. While the family of Belle Moscato were upset about the situation, the school is not taking any responsibility and seems to be denying that the situation even took place.

The Sachem Central School District Superintendent stated that the teacher never told the student that she would not be able to write the report on Trump. In fact, they were under the impression that she would be writing the paper on the president and they encouraged her to do so.

The parents of the student stated that the denial and claim have only made the situation worse. Going forward, they expect to receive an apology from the school and the teacher. They would also like the school to stop taking political stances and censoring students for their beliefs. This was a project that the student was very excited about due to her knowledge about President Trump.