Celebrities are always on the hot seat, especially when they do something wrong. Their life is open to public scrutiny, and with social media being so accessible these days, individuals may use any flaws against them. As a well-known celebrity, you must be polite and courteous to others.

There are certain words that you should never use. Because some people find these terms hurtful, and others are uncomfortable hearing them, particularly with well-known celebrities, this is the case. This is why when Steve Harvey’s wife posted the term “retarded” on her social media account, the public was swift to respond.

After hearing about his wife’s use of the offensive term, Steve tried to minimize and defend her by claiming that it was a phrase he had used, but it appears that the damage has been done.

Marjorie Harvey, Steves’s wife, is a fashion and lifestyle blogger with 1. 7 million Instagram followers. According to the report, she used the offensive word while cutting fruit in the kitchen with Steve.

The video was conceived as a means of expressing her rage at her spouse after a fruit-and-vegetable quarrel. What she said, on the other hand, ended up creating a major hubbub that forced her husband to come to her rescue and defend her.

It was clear that the pair was having a good time in the video. Marjorie remarked:

“I’m sitting here arguing with my husband, ’cause clearly he thinks I’m retarded [and] I don’t know how to cut a beet.”

The video quickly went viral and shocked her followers, as well as sparking outrage among many of her viewers. The clip has already been seen over 400,000 times in a few days. Her supporters were furious when they heard her utter the “R” word, which caused a significant loss of respect for her.

Many of them are unable to refrain from offering their opinions about the event. One user wrote that using the “R” word in a harmful or pejorative manner is insulting to others, even if it was used against oneself or others. For them, calling someone a horrible name is an absolute NO. Another Instagram user whose daughter has Down Syndrome also reacted furiously to Marjorie’s post.

The offended said, “There are people like me, my family, my daughter who has Down syndrome, who are all hurt by the implication you made.”

Others stated that when you say “R-word,” it implies that people with cognitive impairments are unintelligent. Steve Harvey was quick to back her up as a result of what occurred. He declared:

“What you tripping about cause my wife said the word retarded? It’s a word, ain’t it? And she ain’t talking ’bout nobody but herself to me. … She ain’t saying it ’bout nobody’s baby. I don’t ever comment but damn is you just looking for something to be pissed off about ’cause we ain’t. And I wrote it retarded. NAH!!”

Although many individuals may have been traumatized by what Marjorie did, there are others who feel that these delicate users were simply looking for something to say or complain about.