Being birthed within regions of the United States paints a picture of what stateside life is like. While the nation is separated into rural and suburban areas, the vast differences make these locations seem like two separate states or cities. Katie Kearney knows all about the transition between regions of a city. Katie was born in St. Louis, Missouri.

She completed her undergraduate studies at Saint Louis University, with a majority of her focus centralized on journalism.

Her studies created many different placement opportunities and helped to merge her interests. After college, Katie got an offer to move to Greece to pursue modeling dreams. While this wasn’t at the top of her list of dreams, it wasn’t an opportunity she was willing to let pass. Fast-forward ten years and her modeling career have taken her across the globe. Some major stays include stints within Europe and South Africa.

While the gigs she pursued presented a steady, healthy income, she always wanted to pursue directions with her journalism background. When she spent time in South Africa, she would hit the golf course and try her hand at the beautiful links presented throughout the country. Golf was a free time activity that helped her clear her thoughts and combines her focus. The light bulb struck on the tee box on day, lending her the idea of pairing journalism with the sport. She became a golf reporter and would track players from around the world. Her expertise in this facet was scaled over a timely investment of knowledge, procuring an excellent reporter paired with modeling intrigue.

Her work with golf was met with a love for travel. She would visit courses across the globe, chronicling tournament play, embracing meet and greet opportunities, and sharing her success in the sport with touring professionals. She also explored the detail and beauty within the courses of the world, taking her to national hot spots.

Modeling never took a backseat to her sporting perspectives. She pursued this passion heavily throughout her travels. Another bucket list item was crossed off her list when she was asked to pose for Maxim Australia. She braced the cover of their Winter 2019 issue, spreading her name and likeness to all regions of the world.

Focusing on a life of travel keeps her busy and working tenuous hours. In her free time, she enjoys playing rounds of golf and interacting with her fans. Most of her travel destinations allow her to create links with fans and learn more about her fan base. She is a talkative personality and loves to have her brain picked for answers. There are no questions left off the discussion table, keeping her as an open personality. She also enjoys time spent with friends, family, and acquaintances. She is linked to many professional athletes, models, and celebrities, solidifying her status on the popularity charts with the general public. There are many different aspects to love about Katie and it will remain interesting to see where she takes her career to next.