When most people picture a speech language pathologist, a young, beautiful, and vibrant young woman who is full of life and energy is probably not what comes to mind. However, Faye Miah Nguyen is breaking that age-old stereotype as shown by the influencer’s Instagram page @fayemiah. Faye Miah works as a speech therapist in the United States. She has experience working with both adults and children.

After she graduated from Washington State University, Faye worked at Swedish Medical Center in Seattle at their cancer institute with young adults. She credits this experience of helping otherwise healthy young men and women who were her same age learn to speak again as a life-changing experience which made her want to use her voice and platform to inspire others. She later moved to California where she began to focus on pediatrics. There she works with children who may have a speech delay, stuttering, or autistic. For her patients who are completely non-verbal, Faye works to teach them to use alternative forms of communication including the use of technology and sign language. Her work is both important and rewarding.

When Faye is not busy working, she can be found on Instagram posting motivational and aesthetics pictures for her followers. Her posts often have an eye-pleasing aesthetic and are usually followed by a positive caption. In her bio, she has the quote “Making a difference, one word at a time.” This quote in and of itself is quite apropos since not only does Ms. Nguyen help improve people’s ability to communicate effectively through words, but she also uses her voice and platform to help make a difference in people’s lives via her Instagram posts. In her pictures her face is always adorned with an easy smile. You can also glean her love of fashion from the photos featured on her Instagram page. The link to her YouTube channel, Faye Miah is featured prominently in her bio. A quick visit to her YouTube page will treat followers to videos that cover a range of topics, including lifestyle, speech therapy, motivation, and overall health and beauty. Faye posts quite frequently on both platforms, so followers will never have to go for long without being able to catch up on the happenings in her life, though some of her most popular videos on her YouTube are about being a speech-language pathologist.

Faye Nguyen has also turned her platform into a tool to promote brands that are aligned with her brand. Earlier she did a campaign with the popular men’s lifestyle brands where they were raising money from proceeds to help fight testicular cancer. Having previously worked at a cancer center in Seattle, it is no wonder that Faye was totally onboard for this particular partnership. Faye’s platform has an enormous reach and a very active community filled with people whose goals and visions complement her desire to make the world a better place.