Citizens across the nation are protesting for the confiscation of Presidents Thomas Jefferson and George Washington’s statues. The two leaders are perceived to be the founding fathers who promoted slavery and mistreated the Blacks through unfair compensations as well as free status. Having their statues built in Mount Rushmore is saddening among the citizens, therefore, advocating for their demolition. The people want the monument to fade away from their sight for demonstrations to cease. Following George Floyd’s assassination in Minneapolis, American history is under scrutiny by the whites. All the local history books depict Jefferson and Washington as slave advocators. A good example is in Virginia, a state whey they amassed great wealth by using Blacks as slaves who never got even a dime. Ben Shapiro, is the conservation pundit who cast some light on Mount Rushmore’s need to be brought down. Ben is saddened by racial inequality and the effect it has on the country. He also ensured that conservatives and liberals were streamlined during the demonstrations.

On Twitter, Ben Shapiro addressed the Mount Rushmore issue by asking when the historical revisionist was going to push for the confiscation. Once the protests heightened, Kristi Noem, South Dakota Governor confirmed that the monument was there to stay as far as she was confirmed. Kristi even said that the issue was not in her schedule. Governor Kristi Noem’s reaction has dominated Twitter with thousands of people talking about it. However, people believe that the Governor will not stand in the way of the progressive tide that is hurriedly sweeping the whole nation. Many whites are embracing the idea of overcoming racial America hoping to make the nation a better place for all. The Blacks were bonded in slavery for over 100 years, but the fact that Jefferson and Washington exploited them worsens the situation. The historical monument might be about to be chopped, but more reasons than slave advocating American presidents exist.

The statues were mounted on stolen land from the native tribes whose ownership was granted in 1868 in a certain treaty called Fort Laramie. However, this treaty was violated in 1874 by General George Custer by recruiting the US Army to intrude the gold-rich territory’s mountains. The 1876 Indiana Appropriations Act eliminated the Lakota ethnic group’s rations until they surrendered the territory to the government. The US Court of Claims favored Sioux Nation in a certain ruling done in 1979 by honoring them approximately 17.1 million US Dollars from the government for unlawfully taking the Black Hills. However, the government has remained adamant to have cordial terms with Sioux Nation. This situation has heightened the fight, and in 2012, America claimed that native land such as the Black Hills should be given to the legal Native American owners.